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Latest Catches:

Fish Chris Latest - 15.8!

Bobbie Gayle - 12.53

Mike Daniels - 17.73

Zach Mellow With a 16 and a 13.

Eric Kroll - 11.3 lbs.

Mike Long - 15.1


Hot Tip for August! - Chuck Bauer brings his personal development background to bear as his writes his "Tackle Box Of Quotes" article.

What A Trophy Hunting Day It Was! - There I took a couple photos and weighed her on my own scale..... drumroll please...... 14.6 lbs! Read about this career day by Fish Chris! . . .

Angling's Million Dollar Prize by Louis Bignami - wonderful article about the current World's Record caught by George Perry . . .


You become the average sum of the five people you fish with. So, if you are hanging with a crowd that only catches three pound bass consistently, guess what your going to catch? Associate with a group that catches bigger fish and that will challenge you to grow and become better!
Chuck Bauer - WorldRecordBass.com

For those who are on the pathway of bangin� your personal best bass, or you have a written goal of exceeding your personal record, know this: It�s not important where you are today, what matters is where you will be a year from now and that you have a plan in place that will get you to the result you are looking for!
Chuck Bauer - WorldRecordBass.com


Challenge yourself with WorldRecordBass.com's Big Bass Hunter Test. This great tool will help you continually improve your Big Bass Hunting skills.


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